World-wide Classic Planning Tour 2017

As you may already know, I have spent the last two years writing The Art of Classic Planning, and it will be published by Harvard University Press next year. It has received extensive support from esteemed colleagues, and it has received generous funding from the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation in Chicago for a world-wide photo tour.

Running April to July, the four legs of this tour are:

  1. Latin America
  2. Asia
  3. Europe and the Middle East
  4. North America.

The project has become far bigger than me and I would like to include you in it as well. Please contact me here or at with recommendations  you may have regarding…

  1. like-minded people I should meet on the way
  2. places not to be missed
  3. food recommendations
  4. accommodation tips.

Departure is expected in the next few weeks, once visas and inoculations are complete.


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