Exploring the World Together – 2017 Classic Planning World Tour of Cities

Hard to imagine this is Mumbai – University of Mumbai, August, 2017.

Being linked  as we are, we are in fact exploring the world together. In touring Latin America and Asia this summer I learned more about cities than I ever thought possible.

But throughout I was shooting pictures, and running to the next town, hardly meeting people.

You can add great value to the tour and the book, “Classic Planning,” by recommending like-minded people and planning department professionals in the places I will be visiting on the Continental Europe, leg of the tour, October 1 to November 8, 2017,

Thanks to you, to a Driehaus Foundation grant, and the support of my editor at Harvard University Press, I will be visiting the places listed below in approximate order.

1.      Russia

2.      Germany

3.      France

4.      Belgium

5.      Netherlands

6.      Portugal

7.      Spain

8.      Italy

9.      Slovenia

10.   Czechia

11.   Austria

12.   Slovakia

13.   Hungary




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