Gratitude, What Next, and Competition

Perhaps more than any other year, 2018 has been a year of gratitude for me. Family members survived the California fire, my daughter and son in law are expecting, my lovely life partner has not gone totally bananas from my writing. For all these I am grateful, as well as for the inspiration, support, participation, and advice that you, dear reader, contributed to the writing and touring.

As you well know by now, Harvard University Press will publish the book *Classic Planning* in November 2019, and me and my team are looking ahead. Aside from ongoing design and planning work, we are

(1) exploring the development of an *interactive planning computer game*, and (2) planning a 12-part Classic Planning video series showing how classic planning can help meet the future as an alternative to the techno-dystopias currently pervading the media and thinking.

What next?

In preparation for that, Classic Planning / Urban Cloud is announcing a competition for a 1 minute, 3-scene animated rendering of St. Peter’s Plaza in Rome.

The winners will have first dibs on the CGI for a 12-part Classic Planning video series intended to show how classic planning can help people understand their cities better, and meet the challenges of the 21st century. While the first parts of each video will show off a city and feature conversations with local planners and thought leaders at an Anthony Bourdain eating spot, a team of planners in a local design studio will sketch out the framework for a 100-year plan. It will be designed according to classic planning principles, and illustrated by an animated CGI model.

First Urban Cloud Competition

Brief: A 1 minute, 3-scene animated rendering of St. Peter’s Plaza in Rome.

Animation Scene 1: Cupped hands hold a wireframe of St. Peters.

Animation Scene 2: One hand supports the wireframe model underneath, while the fingers of the other lift from the wrist/elbow to extrude the obelisk at the center.

Animation Scene 3 (optional): The hands fade out as the wireframe fades into the living video of the place.


Register at to receive the competition materials.

Registration deadline: 2400 hours EST January 31st 2019.

Submittal deadline: 2400 hours EST March 31st 2019.

Jurors are Entrepreneur Mark Addison, Prof. Erran Carmel, Architect Or Moskowitz, GIS Manager Nasir Shir, and Architect and Planner Julio Cesar Perez


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