burasworks-logo - smallDespite the overwhelming presence of modernist architecture and planning, the demand for Classic Planning and Traditional Architecture never stopped. They are about how we built cities before planning ruined them. Obviously, Classic Planning enables the successful implementation of complex projects, the development of innovative solutions, and it stimulates their creative delivery. Embedded in it are durability, sustainability, future adaptive reuse, and authenticity. Recent studies indicate that traditional design can even reduce stress by as much as 60%. In urban experience, beauty is the key. Classic Planning is holistically linked to Urban Agriculture and Building Arts.

A recognized architect and urban design professional, Nir Buras is among a handful of architects and planners that have both classical knowledge and the experience in large, complex projects. He brings to the table diverse expertise in civic, aviation, rail, and  commercial architecture and planning. Buras has the proven ability to quickly analyze key project issues, develop strategies to grow designs, and to work well within institutional, stakeholder and industry dynamics. His goal is to continue serving the cities of the world by helping their residents to understand better their cities and to help them overcome the challenges of the 21st Century by helping them develop consensual, 100-year classic plans.

Nir Buras’ book The Art of Classic Planning – Principles for Beautiful and Enduring Communities (Harvard University Press 2019) explains the method. It has already been called “the Mother of all Planning Books,” “Definitive,” and a “Bible.”

Funding for the 2017 Classic Planning World Tour was generously provided by the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation.