Seminar on Eye-Tracking with Ann Sussman

Our CPI friend Ann Sussman from is giving a seminar on eye-tracking this week. I’m sure many people will be interested in attending for free. The seminar is on Thu. Apr 28, 2022- 9:00 AM EDT. Link to register- Link to their website- theHapi CPI friend Ann Sussman-


Washington, D.C.’s New Eisenhower Memorial: My Response

This piece was written in response to the Wall Street Journal article, "Monumentally Mediocre," about the construction of the new Eisenhower Memorial in D.C.. The monument cost taxpayers $150 million to construct. Not only is a classical design for the Eisenhower Memorial in Washington, D.C. monumentally less expensive for the taxpayer, but it is also …

The Art of Ambivalence Disguised as Pluralism: Charles Jencks, Landscape Architect, Designer, and Writer, Died on October 13th, 2019, Age 80.

©  Nir Buras Novemeber, 2019 Charles Jencks was one of my professors at UCLA in the 1980s. For me personally he was notable for his gentlemanly defense of a project I produced for his studio, a Postmodernist hamburger stand in the style of the Tail o’ the Pup hotdog stand in LA, a PoMo icon …

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