Podcast With James Kunstler

I had such a pleasure chatting with my great friend, James Kunstler, on his podcast called The Kunstler Cast! I believe he is in my mind one of the greatest futurists living! Thanks again, James Howard Kunstler! Click below to listen to the podcast! #ClassicPlanning #UrbanDesign


The Art of Making Books: The artisanship of 2K/DENMARK and Graphicom in producing my book, The Art of Classic Planning

© Nir Buras, December, 2018 According to the “craftsman cliché” a person who works with their hands is a laborer; one who works with their hands and their mind is an artisan; and one who works with their hands, their mind, and their heart is an artist.  Indeed, Webster 1828 defines artisan as “someone skilled …

The Art of Ambivalence Disguised as Pluralism: Charles Jencks, Landscape Architect, Designer, and Writer, Died on October 13th, 2019, Age 80.

©  Nir Buras Novemeber, 2019 Charles Jencks was one of my professors at UCLA in the 1980s. For me personally he was notable for his gentlemanly defense of a project I produced for his studio, a Postmodernist hamburger stand in the style of the Tail o’ the Pup hotdog stand in LA, a PoMo icon …

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